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Dr. Prichard is an American Board-certified plastic surgeon and senior partner at Advanced Aesthetic Associates, additionally holding Chief of Plastic Surgery and Medical Director at John C. Lincoln Hospital. Upon graduating with honors from Rice University and the University of Texas, Galveston, Dr. Prichard closely trained under several world-renowned plastic surgeons at the prestigious Michigan State plastic surgery program, one of the first major plastic surgery centers in the United States. Dr. Prichard specializes in

Fresh Cleanse

FRESH CLEANSE helps remove excess lipids without over drying the skin and contains Lactic and Salicylic acids to enhance exfoliation. This product is designed for patients with normal to oily skin.


A unique skin brightener, LUMINOUS combines Kojic acid, Hydroxy acids, Vitamin C and is fortified with Green Tea. This products improve the appearance of skin tone. LUMINOUS is best for drier skin types and can be customized for the patient.


LAVISH contains combinations of ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterol that help enhance the skin’s natural moisture barrier. This product have been clinically proven to reduce dry, cracked, flaky skin compromised by procedures such as microdermabrasion, non-ablative light treatments and superficial chemical peels. This elegant,patented formulation can be used day or night and is both fragrance and steroid-free.

The Works

THE WORKS is a powerful skin re-texturing and brightening cream that delivers a combination of brighteners with Nicotinyl trichloroacetamide, a gentle retinoid and broad spectrum antioxidants Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Ferulic acid ester. This advanced formula improves the appearance of uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles.


RESTORE is a retinoid-free skin enhancer that wraps skin in hydration. It contains unique peptides to help improve the appearance of skin tone and texture of the skin.

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Our professional staff will help you survey the newest advances in aesthetic enrichment.


Brightening Foam

Cleansing foam that purifies, effectively removes traces of makeup, eliminating dead cells and impurities. Produces a slight keratolytic effect, renewing and sebum-regulating effect.

Imperfection Control

Cream for local use indicated for the specific treatment of incipient or stubborn acne outbreaks.

Acne One

Cream with an all-around effect specifically designed for the daily treatment and control of acne-prone. It controls bacterial proliferation and reduces epidermal redness, addressing the various factors that trigger acne skin.

Hydravital Mask

Hydronutritive and revitalizing cream for dry and dehydrated skin. Produces an hydrating, nutritive and intensive revitalizing action and prevents premature aging of the skin thanks to its antioxidant properties.

Melan Tran3x

Depigmenting cream for daily use that acts gradually on the epidermal stains to provide a more homogeneous skin tone. Inhibits the mechanisms responsible for pigmentation to prevent the appearance of dark spots and prevent their reappearance. Lightweight gel-cream texture with fast absorption.

Hydracream Fusion

Balancing, anti-pollution cleansing facial cream-oil. Cleansing milk for dry and sensitive skin. It effectively removes make-up and impurities, provides intense hydration and respects the skin’s physiological balance. Its soothing properties provide a pleasant feeling of comfort.

Hydra Vital Factor K

Ultra-moisturizing cream especially indicated for restoring smoothness and elasticity to dry skin types. Its exclusive formulation manages to maintain the hydration of the horny layer and to restore the hydro-lipid layer. It ensures the protection of the skin against external aggressions, neutralizing the free radicals responsible for premature aging.

Brightening Peel Booster

A gel that renews and brightens skin with dark spots, uneven tone, blemishes, and signs of photoaging. Reactivates cell renewal and increases skin hydration. Pore size is reduced, leaving the skin clearer and brighter, with a uniform tone.

Resurfacing Peel Booster

Retexturizing and anti-aging gel for oily, acne-prone, seborrheic, and blemished skins. Eliminates impurities and dead cells, normalizing the excess of sebum. Unifies skin texture and reduces pore size.

Restore. Renew. Revitalize.

Our professional staff will help you survey the newest advances in aesthetic enrichment.

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