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Top 10 Reasons To Get A Facial

Restore. Renew. Revitalize.

by | Dec 28, 2022

Facials are not only relaxing but they are great for you! Those of you who have experienced a facial know what I’m talking about! 🙂  For those of you who have not yet experienced the wonderfulness that is a facial, here are the top 10 reasons to run out and get one a.s.a.p.! 🙂

  1. Expert Skin Analysis The difference between going into a department store and buying skin care products and buying from a licensed Aesthetician are quite simple. A department store clerk is seeing you with makeup on for one, and for two they are not able to feel and look deeply at potential skin concerns. It takes more than just a glance to get a real idea of what your skin is like and what it could potentially need. Proper skin analysis entails a professional touching, feeling, looking and doing patch tests to look at hydration, pigmentation, lacking of vitamins & nutrients, etc.
  2. Professional Strength Exfoliation When seeing a professional aesthetician you will then have access to professional grade exfoliators; acids, peels, dermabrasions etc. Using professional grade products ensures your skin will not be stripped or damaged while increasing hydration and evening out skin tone. Not to mention the aesthetician will use exfoliants geared toward your skin type.
  3. Cleaning out of pores and blackheads This is an important one. What most people don’t understand is that you can seriously damage the skin and pores by trying to do an extraction by yourself. A licensed aesthetician will use professional products and steam to help aide in the removal of the blackhead therefore minimizing pore size and leaving the skin looking and feeling bright and glowing. Even for those who do not have acneic skin need a good deep clean!
  4. Increase circulation and blood flow with facial massage Increasing blood flow can not only bring a nice glow to the skin, it can decrease waste below the surface which in turn leaves your pores looking clean and allows for optimal renewal of the skin cells. Circulation also relieves tired, dull skin. Just like you would want a professional massage therapist working on your body, you want a professional aesthetician working on your face for the best results.
  5. A scope for skin cancer The greatest benefit to having a facial is having an expert do a skin analysis- looking for skin cancer. With skin cancer on the rise, you can never be too careful. It can surface in a dry rough patch of skin, moles, dark spots etc. You might not even know what to look for, but a professional will!
  6. Stress release The power of touch, massage and proper technique/product can heal! Facials are good for physical and psychological stress release. You are in a quiet room, low music, breathing deeply inhaling some lavender perhaps..ahhhh…..simply bliss. A quiet mind is good for the soul!
  7. Problem Solve You can only solve so many skin problems with department store products. Such as brown spots, redness, sun damage etc. An aesthetician will use professional or medical grade lighteners and brighteners to ensure you get the greatest result.
  8. Professional Advice Having a professional facial allows your aesthetician to counsel you in what your skin needs, and what products will suite you the best for at home use. So many times in department stores you will be sold products that work for the general population. Wouldn’t you rather have a customized skin care regimen
  9. Slowing the aging process Getting a facial regularly can help slow down the aging process. They also reduce fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and revive dehydrated skin ultimately leaving you with a healthier glow! And when we have a glow about us we automatically feel better!
  10. Because you deserve it!! 🙂

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