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“Cottage Cheese” Look

Cellulite is one of the most baffling subjects for women of all ages and sizes. If you have cellulite, you’re actually in the vast majority, with 80 % of women over the age of 20 having some form of cellulite, even if mild.

While that lumpy, dimpled flesh you see on the thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen is not a serious medical condition, it can be unsightly and cause much self-consciousness. Fortunately there is a proven solution to reducing cellulite, and your very own experts at Scottsdale Skin Institute are eager to help.

How Does Cellulite Form?

Cellulite forms when enlarged deposits of body fat deep below the skin press up against the underlying connective tissue, causing an inflated effect. When the underlying fat cells become inflated, it causes the area under the skin to constrict, putting upward pressure on the connective tissue. That pressure pushes the fat right up against the top layers of skin, pressing everything against the surface, resulting in a visibly dimpled or “cottage cheese” look. When multiple fat compartments expand, multiple indentations appear and cellulite spreads across a wider area of the body.

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We offer skin tightening, cosmetic injectables, and among the best laser skin treatment Scottsdale has to offer. All told, our facility is equipped to help any patient get younger, healthier skin. You can schedule a consultation online or call (480) 210-7716 to speak with a member of our staff.

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Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Cellulite?

The answer is yes. Cellulite can be greatly reduced and even eliminated. However, there is no magic cream or special cellulite exercise program. Research has shown that through precise application of acoustic waves, the fibrous connective tissue responsible for the dimply appearance of cellulite can actually be broken up and a smooth appearance returned. Acoustic wave therapy has also been demonstrated to increase the thickness of the skin and reduce the protrusion of fat into the area. You can also read more about fat reduction on our Scottsdale CoolSculpting page.

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At Scottsdale Skin Institute, we use nothing but the most advanced procedures and technology to give our patients the best results possible. This is why we use Cellupulse to effectively treat and reduce cellulite.

Cellupulse is an effective treatment utilizing acoustic waves, to increase the collagen in the dermal layer and improve the skin’s elasticity. Improved elasticity of the connective tissue restores the tissue to a supple, smooth texture. The improved connective tissue allows for new collagen to build, which thickens the dermal layer of the skin leading to significant improvement in skin texture. At our state of the art medspa, you will receive among the best Cellupulse available, with results that won’t go unnoticed.

Results and Recovery

Patients are typically treated one to two times per week for 6 weeks. Sessions generally last 30 -45 minutes depending on the area being treated. While results will vary from patient to patient, results typically last 6 – 12 months, with 1-2 maintenance sessions recommended within the first 6 months of the initial treatment.

As Cellupulse is a non-invasive treatment, it is virtually painless with no down time. Following Cellupulse, the full results are seen about 3 weeks after the initial treatment. Patients will see visible firming and smoothing of the skin including:

Improved texture

Firmer and smoother looking skin

More refined figure

Improved tone

Increased elasticity

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With years of experience in treating cellulite and delivering among the best Cellupulse Scottsdale has available, our staff looks forward to helping you achieve your cosmetic goals. If you are unhappy with your body and are looking for an effective solution to cellulite, Cellupulse may be just the procedure you are looking for. Please call today for a private consultation.