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Why smoking ages us

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by | Dec 28, 2022

Are people constantly thinking you are older than you are? Do you smoke? If you do, here are some reasons you may want to quit…other than the obvious health reasons.

Studies have shown that smoking can not only cause cancer to the lungs, mouth and throat it can also make it harder to get pregnant if you are a female. Not just that but it may be making you look older! 1.5 years according to experts. What specifically is this study talking about? Cigarettes or cigarette smoking can cause us to age for many reasons. First, let’s talk about the biggest signs of aging and then we will get into specifically how smoking makes it worse. Our Scottsdale medspa would say the biggest signs of aging are bags under the eyes or wrinkling. Now, we all know that these things are normal as we get older, however smoking can speed them up. Nicotine lessens the blood supply that keeps your tissue healthy, meaning the less blood flow the less plump your skin looks. That’s a big problem. With the under eye bags, that can be attributed to not sleeping well due to nicotine withdrawal through the night. You tossing and turning means bigger and bigger bags.

As if a bags under the eyes and wrinkled skin doesn’t make you look old enough, smoking also causes thinning /gray hair due to damaging the hair follicle. What?!?! Makes sense if you are having to get your hair colored more often, right?  Men are also two times MORE likely to LOSE their hair if they are smokers! Yikes! Want to keep your hair? STOP SMOKING!

I know, I know…can it get any worse…YES IT DOES!! Know that healthy glow your face used to have? Well soon that will be gone! Smoke causes a gray, thin looking appearance to your skin, not to mention smoke can also leave your skin dehydrated and begging for moisture. All this is triggered by the carbon monoxide in the cigarette smoke.

We here at Scottsdale Skin Institute could go on and on about the negative side effects of smoking: cancer, cataracts, stretch marks, warts, prolonged heal time, scarring etc. But we want to focus on how to come back from all those nasty things!

Our Scottsdale Medspa has state of the art equipment and 30+ experience to get you looking fresh and young again! Not to mention only the best of the best when it comes to skin care.

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