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Benefits of SmartSkin

The SmartSkin CO2 laser is a fractional carbon dioxide (CO2) laser used to resurface a patient’s skin. Like other fractional lasers, it works by splitting the laser’s light into a multitude of tiny beams, each about one tenth the size of a hair shaft. The light beams gently yet powerfully penetrate the skin allowing its heat to treat the targeted skin cells, yet leaving the tiny areas around each beam of light untouched. While only twenty to thirty percent of the area is actually treated, the entire area reaps the benefits from the procedure. Additionally, less skin is actually affected by the laser, resulting in a shorter recovery time than with non-fractional CO2 lasers. As a result, this is a very popular treatment for those patients who have to rapidly return to their daily routine.

A SmartSkin laser is an ablative laser, which means it only removes the outermost layer of the skin. The heat from the laser penetrates the epidermis, actually reaching the dermis. It regenerates the skin by stimulating the formation of new collagen, the protein that gives skin its youthful, healthy volume. The loss of skin volume is the number one cause of lines and wrinkles.

At our state of the art medspa, we deliver among the best C02 fractional laser Scottsdale has available, achieving stunning results on a daily basis. We look forward to helping all our patients reach their personal cosmetic goals.

SmartSkin helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles while promoting a more even skin tone and texture. It also helps to resolve other skin problems associated with the aging process as well as blemishes and minor to moderate imperfections. Some of the following skin conditions can be treated and corrected with the SmartSkin CO2 laser:

Sun damage

Fine lines

Enlarged pores

Age spots


Acne scars

Crows feet


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We offer skin tightening, cosmetic injectables, and among the best laser skin treatment Scottsdale has to offer. All told, our facility is equipped to help any patient get younger, healthier skin. You can schedule a consultation online or call (480) 210-7716 to speak with a member of our staff.

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Results & Recovery

Treatments typically take between 20 and 30 minutes. Some patients opt for a single more intense treatment session, while others opt for several less-intense sessions that are delivered over a period of several weeks.

When the SmartSkin treatment is complete, patients often experience redness and swelling similar to the redness one may get from a sunburn. The more intense the treatment, the more redness and swelling you will experience and the longer recovery time. Most patients can expect to return to work and normal activities within 4 days.

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With many years of experience transforming faces and delivering among the best CO2 laser skin resurfacing Scottsdale has available, our staff looks forward to helping you achieve your cosmetic goals. If you are unhappy with your skin and looking for an effective cosmetic treatment, laser skin resurfacing may be just the procedure you are looking for. Please call today for a private consultation.