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Top 15 Beauty Tips that every girl SHOULD know!

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by | Dec 28, 2022

There are endless beauty tips and tricks out there but our Scottsdale Medspa has compiled a list of what we think are super helpful and fun!

  1. When applying blush always allow about two fingers from the corner of your nose to where blush starts.
  2. Don’t put too much shimmer on. A great balance to a shimmery eye is to wear a matte lipstick.
  3. To make your manicure last, apply a thin layer of clear polish every two days. Don’t forget to apply extra polish at the free edge at the top of your nails, that’s where chips usually happen.
  4. When choosing a red lipstick, you just want to remember to get one that looks good with your undertone. If you have a warm undertone, then go for more warm reds, and if you have a cool undertone, then go cooler.
  5. Always use a moisturizer or makeup with SPF in the morning. Even in the winter!
  6. You should always go to a hair-removal specialist, where waxing, laser etc. is their main business – don’t go to a nail salon for a wax. So important!!! You wouldn’t go to your accountant to get your nails done, would you?
  7. To create a lived-in look for your hair, use thickening or sea-salt mist before you blow-dry. The added texture gives you a great look!
  8. Use a facial exfoliator bi-weekly to get dead skin of dead skin. Makeup will look better on a smooth canvas. Just be sure not to over exfoliate!
  9. Hydrate your under-eye area with an eye cream to prevent puffiness and bags.
  10. The best way to get rid of/keep away ingrown hairs is to exfoliate the area, which rids the skin of dead cells and allows the hair to break through the surface.
  11. Use a creamy or milky cleanser to wash your face. Creams are typically less drying than gels.
  12. Use your excess eye cream on cuticles. The more you hydrate your cuticles, the stronger your nails will be.
  13. To make your cheek bones appear higher, use your bronzer under the cheekbone and highlighter on the actual cheekbone, don’t forget to blend.
  14. Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic cleansers are great for acne- free skin!
  15. To make a zit go away faster, don’t pick!! The bacteria on your fingers will create more redness and irritation, thus making it last longer!!

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